All photos property of Another very popular question we receive is from people wanting to know if there is a chance we could see a Mayfield Four reunion at some point?


Myles: Well right now with all the great opportunities I have been given, I just don’t see a chance where I would be able to fit it in. With all that I have going on right now, I am just going to be way to busy to even consider something of that nature. I just don’t see it happening. I am really grateful that we got to make those two records. Seconded Skin in particular is just so special to me. I am so proud of that record. Just last week in Australia I met an individual who came up to me and said, “Man I just want to tell you I love Second Skin.” Anytime someone says that I just say, “wow,” because those records weren’t widely released. I don’t think Epic printed more than a few thousand copies. It’s not like the record ever got a push because as far as I know, it was basically a tax write off.  Over the last ten years I have just been shocked at how that record has infiltrated peoples IPODs. It makes me really happy! Do you think the Mayfield Four is more popular now than it was in 2001?


Myles: Absolutely!!! The Mayfield Four is definitely more popular now than it was when we were around. That tends to be the case with a lot of bands in this industry. It’s kind of like when an artist or entertainer dies, they suddenly become popular. That seems to be the cause now that the band is dead, so to speak. Correct me if I am wrong, but you won’t sell your house because Second Skin was written there. Does that still hold true?


Myles: Yep! I could never sell my house because that whole record was written on the very couch I am setting on now. It’s funny because I would start writing here on the couch about 11pm and would half watch Conan O’Brien. (Laughs) I couldn’t miss Conan O’Brien!  After that was finished I would retire to the studio in my basement and write to about 5 or 6 in the morning. (Laughs) It was a very fun record to write but also very difficult because that was such a very dark period in my life. I was going down a road  that I had no business walking down, but I think that story manifested itself on that record.  I don’t know if the darkness is why the record turned out like it did but it definitely added something to it. What is your favorite M4 song? 


Myles: There is something about White Flag. I don’t know what it is but when I listen to that song it just makes me feel good. There are a lot moments on there that I love, like Sick and Wrong. I don’t think I have written another song like Sick and Wrong since with swear words. (Laughs) This question got submitted more than once and I know it has been asked before but what's the most memorable thing a fan has done and why does it jump to your mind first? 


Myles: There have so many cool things that people have done! I hate to say because people have been so thoughtful through the years, that I would hate to leave anyone out. For some reason right when you said that, I thought about the time when someone brought me the Pillsbury Doughboy. (Laughs) I don’t know what is was about that little thing that I thought was so funny.  I think it was because I lost the one I had as a child and this woman presents me with this gift like the one I had back then. I guess it just brought back all those memories I had as a child. I have gotten some wonderful paintings and things of that nature. I guess the tattoo thing has got to be at the top of list! If someone is going to tattoo their body with your band, your signature or your face! (Laughs) I mean the guy who has Mark right here (shows one forearm) and me right here, (Shows other forearm) I think that’s got to trump them all! (Laughs) That’s dedication! I really hope he continues to like the music we make, otherwise he would have to turn the arm that is me into Kevin Bacon or something. (Laughs) He could put “I heart Footloose” above it then. You’re a very jazz based guitarist. What are some of your favorite jazz cord progressions? 


Myles: We’re getting real geeky now! (Laughs) I guess 2-5-1. That is such a big part of the Jazz vocabulary and the minor 2-5-1 as well.  I won’t go into to much detail because I don’t want to bore anyone. (Laughs) There are so many great progressions. I love  the progression in “My Funny Valentine.”  There is a song called “Green Dolphin Street,” that has a really cool cord progression. Pretty much every song on Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue,” record. I know it’s a blues record, so it’s 1-4-5 but I like his take on 1-4-5. At this point, I feel that we just lost pretty much everyone on this question. (Laughs) You are very loyal to PRS guitars. Is there any chance we could see a Myles Kennedy signature model?


Myles: I don’t know. I would love that but since I am not really known as a guitar player, I doubt that will ever happen. If so what would that guitar be like?


Myles: Oh I could tell you exactly what it would be like! The model would be the PRS 245 with the same neck as their David Grissom model and the Nitrocellulose Finnish. That would be my choice! It would be a nice marriage of two of my favorite PRS models. What is the hardest part of being a touring musician?


Myles: Being away from my family without a doubt. It’s really hard! Fortunately, I have an amazing wife who is understanding and hopefully she will continue to be because I am going to be gone a lot over the next 18 months. Then My dog! That’s really hard because he doesn’t come out when she comes to visit. It just tears me a part! Another thing is eating healthy. When your on the road good luck with that! (Laughs) If the creative ideas aren't flowing how do you get them back?


Myles: There is no real method I use. It’s really about keeping myself open to it and not getting lazy when I feel it coming on. It’s kind of like your on call all the time.  If you choose to be lazy and turn down the geneses of  a good idea and choose not to cultivate it at that particular time, well then you may have missed out on a big hit single buster. (laughs) Well that about does it, is there anything you would like to add?


Myles: I am just stoked beyond belief that I am getting back out on the road after 14 or 15 months. I am just really excited to get back out and see everyone. I really think that this year is going to be the best year of my life! I just have that feeling with everything that is coming together. I hope to see all of you soon and I really appreciate all of your support. I am so lucky to have you guys interested in my career! See you soon!